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After-sales service commitment

After-sales service commitment

1.The company provides technical consultancy for users and helps users in choosing and using Jinchi products.
2.According to the requirements of customers, the company can dispatch engineering technicians with strong ability, rich working experience and healthy body to the scene to conduct acceptance inspection and give installation guidance.
3.The company undertakes transportation service, provides 100% insurance for all transported goods and bears the corresponding cost.
4.The company seriously carries out its responsibility for product quality, guarantees repair, replacement and return for actual product quality problem during manufacture, and compensates for direct economic loss caused by quality problem.
5.The company provides free service if you want to monitor the manufacture process or conduct detection during product manufacture.
6.If there is any quality problem, we will reply to customers in 12 hours.
7. The occurrence of quality problems during the construction process, or a year in which the product has been put into operation, has an accident of major quality problems and arrived at the site within 24 hours after the notice of the buyer.
The buyer provides the corresponding services and then divides the responsibilities to deal with them.
8. In the period of quality assurance within 12 months from the date of acceptance test, if the cable is defective due to unreasonable design, processing, manufacturing and transportation, our company will immediately begin to replace the goods with the buyer for free (quantity and cost, including the shipping fee), once the buyer's written notice is received. The transportation fee and various taxes. If our company fails to comply with the buyer's request without receiving any written notice, our company will compensate the loss accordingly.