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Contract partners

Main customers
Aviation and Railway Projects
China Southern Airlines Co., Ltd.
China Railway Construction Electrification Bureau Group Co., Ltd. China Railway Track Systems Group Co., Ltd.
Electric Works Engineering Construction of the Fifth Bureau (Group) Corporation of China Railway China Railway Construction Engineering Group
The Sixth Bureau (Group) Corporation of China Railway The Seventh Bureau (Group) Corporation of China Railway
The Twelfth Bureau (Group) Corporation of China Railway The Second Bureau (Group) Corporation of China Railway
The Sixteenth Bureau (Group) Corporation of China Railway The Sixteenth Bureau (Group) Corporation of China Railway
The Third Survey and Design Institute (Group) Co., Ltd. of CRCC Guangshen Railway Co., Ltd. The Electrification Engineering Co., Ltd. of China Railway No.3 Engineering Group Co., Ltd.
Second Engineering Company of China Crec Railway Electrification Bureau Group Third Engineering Company of China Crec Railway Electrification Bureau Group
The Third Railway Survey and Design Institute Group Corporation
Communication and Municipal Projects
Hunan Branch of China Unicom Jiangxi Branch of China Telecom
Xiangtan Branch of China Unicom Zhuzhou Branch of China Telecom
Changsha Branch of China Unicom Xiangtan Branch of China Telecom
Zhuzhou Branch of China Unicom Changsha Branch of China Telecom
Xiangtan New Sports Center Zhuzhou Street Lamp Management Station
Famous Company and University Projects
Better Life Commercial Chain Share Co., Ltd. Hunan Xunda Group Co., Ltd.
Hunan Taizinai Biological Technology Co., Ltd. Xiangtan University
University of Science and Technology of Hunan  
Water Conservancy and Power Generation Projects
Sinohydro Bureau 8 Co., Ltd. Hunan Coal Group Co., Ltd.
Xiaoxi Construction Bureau of Sinohydro Bureau 3 Co., Ltd. Xiangjiang Dayuandu Navigation and Hydropower Project
Hunan Thermal Power Construction General Company Guangdong Thermal Power Engineering General Company
Hunan Xiangtan Power Generation Co., Ltd. Hunan Zhuzhou Power Plant
Hunan Huaneng Yueyang Power Generation Co., Ltd. 
Power Supply Projects
Hunan Electric Power Co., Ltd.  Hainan Electric Power Materials Co., Ltd.
Zhuzhou High-tech Power Industry Co., Ltd.   Leiyang Power Yangguang Industrial Co., Ltd.
Rucheng Branch of Chendian International Yongxing Branch of Chendian International
Xiangtan Power Bureau  Huaihua Power Bureau
Zhuzhou Power Bureau Yiyang Power Bureau
Shaoyang Power Bureau Liuzhou Power Bureau
Yichun Power Bureau  
Metallurgy Manufacture
Hunan Hualing Xiangtan Steel Co., Ltd. Hunan Shanhe Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd.
CSR Zhuzhou Vehicle Co., Ltd. CSR Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Co., Ltd.
China South Power Machinery Group Co., Ltd. Machinery Factory of First Engineering Company of Ershisanye Construction Group Co., Ltd.
Xiangtan Motor Co., Ltd. Xiangdian Electric Manufacturing Group Co., Ltd.
Pingxiang Iron & Steel Co. Ltd. Hunan Nonferrous Metals Holding Group Co., Ltd.
Shougang Shuicheng Iron & Steel (Group) Co., Ltd. Zhuzhou Hard Alloy Co., Ltd.
Lianyuan Iron & Steel Group Co., Ltd. Zhuzhou Times Electric Co., Ltd.
Hunan Shaofeng Cement Group Co., Ltd.  
Mine and Chemical Industry
Baling Petrochemical Industry Co., Ltd. of Sinopec
Hunan Coal Group  Liuzhi Industrial and Mining Group Co., Ltd.
Xiangtan Mining Industry Group Co., Ltd. Guizhou Xiangneng Industrial Co., Ltd.
Xiangtan Electrochemical Co., Ltd. Zhuzhou Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd.
Yueyang Baling Petrifaction Co., Ltd. Hunan Jinxin (Yihua) Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.