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In March 1996, Xiangtan Wire & Cable Plant was founded.
In April 1999, it registered “Golden Speed” trademark.
In May 2001, it was certified to electrician safety certification of China Commission for Conformity Certification of Electrical Equipment, and ISO9001 for the first time in July.
In January 2002, Xiangtan Wire & Cable Plant reformed into Xiangtan Wire & Cable Co., Ltd.
In March, “Golden Speed” wires and cables were awarded “Customer Trustworthy Brand” by Hunan Consumer Council;
In May, it obtained the License for Manufacture of National Industrial Products for the first time;
In July, it was certified to China Compulsory Certification (CCC).
In February 2003, it was listed as one of Recommended Enterprises for National Urban Power Grid Construction and Transformation;
In December, it won “Hunan Product Quality Award 2003” for “Golden Speed” General-purpose Rubber Sleeve Flexible Cable.
In August 2004, Golden Speed Cable Industrial Park invested with a budget of RMB60 million located at Xiangtan Yisuhe Economic Development Zone under planning and new factory was constructed.
In November, it was identified as “Qualified Enterprise for Conformity of Measures” by Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau of Hunan Province;
In December, it won “Hunan Famous Product 2004” for “Golden Speed” General-purpose Rubber Sleeve Flexible Cable issued by Hunan Committee for Approval of Famous Product and Hunan Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau.
In February 2005, it won Safety Certificate for Approval of Mining Products issued by Mining Products Safety Approval and Certification Center as the first mine cable manufacturer.
In May, it successfully developed 10KV or below mine rubber sheathed shield mobile flexible cables-power cable for mobile power supplies matched with large engineering machinery like down-the-hole drill, open air rig and hoisting conveyor.   
In March 2006, it was awarded Hunan A Class Taxpaying Credit Unit by National Taxation Bureau of Hunan Province and Local Taxation Bureau;
In September, by approval of Engineering Transaction Center of Ministry of Railway, it obtained “Transaction Permit” issued by the Center, and won qualifications for bidding of wire and cable, steel cored aluminum wire and other equipment supplies for large and medium-sized railway projects.
In December 2007, Golden Speed was ranked as Hunan Famous Trademark by Hunan Administration for Industry and Commerce.
In June 2008, in order to improve brand awareness and long-term market competition, it obtained new version of “Golden Speed” trademark both in Chinese (金驰) and English (Golden Speed) and logo by approval of Trademark Office of State Administration for Industry and Commerce of the People’s Republic of China.
In August, Golden Speed Cable Industrial Park was completed;
In October, it was totally relocated, with a total investment of RMB100 million in the construction of new factory, facilities, added production equipment and detection equipment. At present, it has become a wire and cable manufacturer with advanced production equipment, complete test equipment and powerful technology development in Hunan Province.  
In March 2009, it was awarded title of “Contract-honoring, Promise-keeping” Unit of Hunan Province, and Certificate for Conformity of Fire-retardant Product Mark issued by NFTC, and developed LSOH flame-retardant copper core cross-linking insulated POF sheathed steel tape armoring power cable (WDZAN-YJY23) which reached A Class fire retardance of national standards (Category A Cable);
In August, it joined in Hunan Alliance of Electric Transmission and Transformation Equipment Industry;
In September, it was listed into 2009 Recommended Category for Key Electric Transmission and Transformation Equipment of Hunan Province by assessment of Hunan Leading Group Office for Promotion of New Industrialization, Hunan Economic Committee and Administration Office for Machinery Industry of Hunan Province.
In September, it successfully developed 8.7/15KV high-voltage flexible cable for salt lake hydromining machine and obtained order of one company in Lop Nor, Xinjiang.
In 2009, we obtained the "qualified supplier certificate" issued by China Railway Electrification Bureau.
2009-2011 years, three consecutive years gained "Hunan province quality reputation class a unit" title.
In 2010-2011 years, he was awarded the title of "Shou contract and credit enterprise" in Hunan province.
In February 2010, our company applied for six patents, including "Saline Lake marine electric power rubber sheathed flexible cable" and "heavy rubber flat cable".
In July 2010, through judicial arbitration, the company won the title of "China well known trademark".
In December 2010, "Jin Chi" trademark was awarded the "Hunan famous trademark".
In December 2010, the company was awarded state-level high-tech enterprises.
In 2010, he received the title of "excellent supplier" awarded by Hunan Shan He intelligence.
In 2011, it was awarded the Hunan provincial quality credit A-level enterprise.
In 2012, he was awarded the "excellent supplier in 2011" issued by the five Bureau of China Railway.
In November 2012, the company won the first batch of national industrial enterprise product quality classification supervision "AA enterprise".
In February 2013, it passed the national ISO9001:2008 quality system certification.
In October 2013, it was confirmed by Hunan province that our trademark "golden Chi" is a famous trademark in Hunan province.
In August 2014, our company was recognized as "high-tech enterprise" in Hunan province.
In October 2014, the company was rated as "AAA" in Hunan province.
In November 2014, the company restructured its shares and was held by Guangxi Guilin International Cable Group Co., Ltd.
In March 2015, he was awarded the title of high and new technology enterprise.
In May 2017, the product was certified by UL.
In September 2017, the product was certified by ROHS.
In January 2018, it was certified by ISO9001:2015 quality management system.
In January 2018, it was certified by ISO14001:2015 environmental management system.