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       Xiangtan Wire & Cable Co., Ltd created in March 1996, the registered capital of over 126 million RMB. Our company is a set research and development, production and sales as one of professional wire and cable businesses. located in Xiangtan-Tianyi Economic Development Zone which is in Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan Ecological Economic Belt.  

        Xiangtan Wire & Cable Co., Ltd. is the Chinese National" AA-class Enterprise and the  National  "High- TechEnterprise"  Our company has the  national industrial production license. and our products are approved with allkinds of quality standards such as ccc,

MA. ROHS, UL andISO9001. Currently. the company has an invention patentalone. and 12 patents of utility model.



The product is applicable to electrical equipment(Such as transformers and electric furnaces) and electrical component wiring.。Soft copper strands are suitable for wiring of electrical equipment, electronic appliances or components, or conductor wires for soft structural insulated wires and cables on these occasions.

Annealed copper strand wire

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Seeking survival with quality for stability and development

Annealed copper strand wire

Round wire concentric stranded overhead conductor

Aluminum stranded wire and steel core aluminum stranded wire

Flame-retardant and non flame-retardant PVC insulation and PVC sheath control cable

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Seeking survival with quality for stability and development

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